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Rejuvenating Foam

Rejuvenating Foam

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A rare combination of ultra light foam and strong synthetic exfoliants makes this smooth targeted cleanser a fan favorite. Salicylic and Lactic Acids enhance exfoliation, remove impurities, dirt and excess oil, and reveal fresh skin that's optimally positioned to absorb our powerful activating serums and concentrates.

  • Youth renewal cleanser
  • Removes excess lipids without over-drying, contains
  • Salicylic acid to enhance exfoliation
  • Lactic-acid based exfoliator that buffs & polishes without the physical scrub
  • Chemical exfoliant minimizes fine lines
  • Enhances the skin's moisture barrier
  • Removes impurities, enabling other Hen & Hale products to penetrate deeper and more effectively
  • Optimal for combination, aging and/or sun damaged skin