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Our Approach

Hen + Hale therapies are designed in collaboration with Dr. William LoVerme, Chief of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery at Newton Wellesley Hospital, for your skin care goals. Composed exclusively of medical  grade products and an unwavering promise of premium quality, you can expect to see a transformation within 60 days. 

We’re committed to sharing our expertise and years of excellence with you, so you can master the art of the ultimate skin care regimen. This is why each Hen + Hale therapy comes with a thoughtful, easy to follow instructional manual guiding you through how and when to use each product. Tried, tested and loved for years by Dr. William LoVerme’s patients, Hen + Hale promises to deliver exceptional, visible results. 

The active ingredients in all Hen + Hale products are as pure and strong as they get, and are never diluted with alcohol or fillers. 

You wouldn’t cut corners on any other part of your big day — the dress, the food, the wine, the venue — so we make sure that doesn’t happen with the thing that is most visible: your skin. That’s how it is with Hen + Hale. Really potent, really effective. Really frickin’ awesome.

The kick ass products that compose your Hen + Hale therapy is only half the equation. Knowing how and when to use which products, at what time of day and in what sequence is the other half. 

With your Hen + Hale therapy usage guide, we'll teach you which products to use every day versus once a week, which to use in the morning vs night, which to use first, and which to use last (because yes, order really does matter).

Give it an (honest) try. The results of our therapies have been proven on many patients and over many years. If after 60 days you aren’t satisfied with the quality of results, let us know and we’ll make it right. Get in touch via

Support round-the-clock. Questions, concerns, advice, other? You name it, we want to hear about it. Email us at Or DM us on Instagram @henandhale. We’ll get back to you ASAP.